Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to MDM Hub Security
  3. Resources
  4. Roles
  5. Users and User Groups
  6. Security Providers
  7. Application Level Security
  8. Password Hashing
  9. Glossary

Provider File Management

Provider File Management

A provider file contains profile information for a security provider.
If you want to use your own third-party security providers, you must explicitly register them though the Security Providers tool. To register a security provider, you upload a provider file that contains the profile information needed for registration.
A provider file is a JAR file that contains the following data:
  • A manifest that describes one or more external security providers. Each security provider has the following settings:
    • Provider Name
    • Provider Description
    • Provider Type
    • Provider Factory Class Name
    • Properties that specify configuration details for the provider. This can be a list of name-value pairs: property names with default values.
  • Provider implementation and any required third-party libraries.
Resource Kit
copies a sample implementation of a provider file on the
Hub Server
. For more information about the sample provider file, see the
Multidomain MDM Resource Kit Guide


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