Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to MDM Hub Security
  3. Resources
  4. Roles
  5. Users and User Groups
  6. Security Providers
  7. Application Level Security
  8. Password Hashing
  9. Glossary

Resources Overview

Resources Overview

Hub Console
allows you to expose or hide
resources to external applications.
A secure resource is a protected
resource that is exposed to the Roles tool, which allows the resource to be added to roles with specific privileges. A resource group is a collection of secure resources that simplify privilege assignment. You can use the Secure Resources tool to define resources groups and create a hierarchy of resources.
You can configure the following
resources as secure resources:
Base Object
User has access to all secure base objects, columns, and content metadata.
Cleanse Function
User can run all secure cleanse functions.
Hierarchy Manager Profile
User has access to all secure
Hierarchy Manager
User has access to all secure mappings and their columns.
User has access to all secure packages and their columns.
Remote Package
User has access to all secure remote packages.
Batch groups are secure by default. You cannot change the status of batch groups to private. The batch group has Read and Execute privileges.
In addition, you can use the
Hub Console
to protect other resources that are accessible by
requests, including metadata, match rule sets, the audit table, and the users table.
If you use Informatica Data Director, you can use the HTTP methods GET or POST to access the Hub Server. Other HTTP methods, such as DELETE or PUT, return an HTTP error.


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