Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started with Informatica Address Verification (On-Premises)
  3. General Settings
  4. Input Parameters
  5. Process Parameters
  6. Address Enrichments
  7. Result Parameters
  8. Output Fields
  9. Assessment Codes and Return Codes
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Appendix A: Geocode Countries
  12. Appendix B: CASS Return Codes

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Element Positions

Element Positions

The following fields return a 20-character code in which each character refers to a different address data element:
  • Address Resolution Code
  • Element Input Status
  • Element Relevance
  • Element Result Status
  • Extended Element Result Status
When you read the output codes on one of the fields, you must know the element that each character refers to. The 20 characters represent the status of ten elements. Each element has two code values.
For each element, level 1 indicates the status of the first item and level 2 summarizes the status of any additional item. For example, if the input address contains 3 levels of locality, the value at position 3 points to locality 1, whereas the value at position 4 summarizes the assessment of locality 2 and locality 3.

    1. PostalCode level 1

    2. PostalCode level n (for example, ZIP+4 – Plus 4 addition)

    3. Locality level 1

    4. Locality level n (for example, Urbanisation, Dependent Locality)

    5. Province level 1

    6. Province level n (for example, Sub Province)

    7. Street level 1

    8. Street level n (for example, Dependent Street)

    9. Number level 1

    10. Number level n

    11. Delivery service level 1 (for example, PO Box, GPO, Packstation, Private Bags)

    12. Delivery service level n

    13. Building level 1

    14. Building level n

    15. SubBuilding level 1

    16. SubBuilding level n

    17. Organization level 1

    18. Organization level n

    19. Country level 1 (Mother country)

    20. Country level n (for example, Territory)


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