Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Data Engineering Integration
  3. Mappings
  4. Mapping Optimization
  5. Sources
  6. Targets
  7. Transformations
  8. Python Transformation
  9. Data Preview
  10. Cluster Workflows
  11. Profiles
  12. Monitoring
  13. Hierarchical Data Processing
  14. Hierarchical Data Processing Configuration
  15. Hierarchical Data Processing with Schema Changes
  16. Intelligent Structure Models
  17. Blockchain
  18. Stateful Computing
  19. Appendix A: Connections Reference
  20. Appendix B: Data Type Reference
  21. Appendix C: Function Reference

Delta Lake JDBC Connection Properties

Delta Lake JDBC Connection Properties

To enable the domain to access Delta Lake resources in the cloud platform environment, you must manually create and configure a JDBC connection.
Configure the following connection properties:
Type a name for the connection. Example: DatabricksDeltaCxn
Default: Automatically populated with the connection name. Changing this default value is optional.
Type the following value to use the Databricks user token:
Value of the token that you configured for the Databricks user.
JDBC Driver Class Name
Type the following value:
Connection String
Connection to the Delta Lake resource. This connection string contains all the information that the domain needs to connect to the resource.
The connection string contains the following elements:
  • jdbc:spark://<server host name>.
  • Port number.
  • Transport mode.
  • ssl. Use
    to enable SSL.
  • httpPath.
  • UID. User ID that will be used to run jobs on the cluster. Use
  • PWD. Value of the token that you configured for the Databricks user.
jdbc:spark://;transportMode=http;ssl=1;httpPath=sql/protocolv1/o/1654523072521724/0123-456789-films259;AuthMech=3;UID=token;PWD=<token string>
To get the value of these parameters from the Advanced Options area of the cluster configuration settings:
  1. In the Databricks environment, select Clusters.
  2. Select the cluster to connect to.
  3. Expand the Advanced Options and click the
For more information about the JDBC connection string for Databricks, see the Databricks documentation.

Updated March 31, 2021