Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to PowerExchange
  3. DBMOVER Configuration File
  4. Netport Jobs
  5. PowerExchange Message Logs and Destination Overrides
  6. SMF Statistics Logging and Reporting
  7. PowerExchange Security
  8. Secure Sockets Layer Support
  9. PowerExchange Alternative Network Security
  10. PowerExchange Nonrelational SQL
  11. DTLDESCRIBE Metadata
  12. PowerExchange Globalization
  13. Using the PowerExchange ODBC Drivers
  14. PowerExchange Datatypes and Conversion Matrix
  15. Appendix A: DTL__CAPXTIMESTAMP Time Stamps
  16. Appendix B: PowerExchange Glossary



The LOWVALUES statement specifies whether PowerExchange preserves hexadecimal '0' values, called
low values
, in source character fields when passing these values to a PowerCenter session.
When the session runs, the PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter (PWXPC) can write these values to the target. The LOWVALUES statement applies to PowerExchange NRDB, DB2, and CDC sources and targets. If you use PowerExchange with Informatica Developer, the LOWVALUES statement has no effect.
Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS
  • N
    PowerExchange does not preserve hexadecimal '0' values. It interprets a hexadecimal '0' value as the end of a column string and pads the remaining length of the string with spaces. The portion of the column string after the hexadecimal '0' value is not written to the target.
  • Y.
    PowerExchange preserves hexadecimal '0' values in the column string. The entire column string, including the low value, is written to the target.
Default is N.
  • To ensure that the source hexadecimal '0' values are preserved during a PowerCenter session, you must use the PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter (PWXPC) interface instead of the PowerExchange ODBC interface.
  • To write hexadecimal '0' values from a supported data source to a supported data target without any translation of the values, complete the following tasks:
    • Specify LOWVALUES=Y in the DBMOVER configuration file on the Integration Service machine.
    • In Powercenter Workflow Manager, on the
      Config Object
      tab for the session, enter
      in the
      Custom Properties
    • In the source and target connections in the PowerCenter workflow, ensure that the
      Convert character data to string
      option is
  • In PowerCenter, you can override the LOWVALUES setting in the DBMOVER configuration file by entering LOWVALUES={Y|N} in the
    PWX Override
    connection attribute. You can then use the connection in a session to implement the override for a specific source or access method.


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