Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to PowerExchange
  3. DBMOVER Configuration File
  4. Netport Jobs
  5. PowerExchange Message Logs and Destination Overrides
  6. SMF Statistics Logging and Reporting
  7. PowerExchange Security
  8. Secure Sockets Layer Support
  9. PowerExchange Alternative Network Security
  10. PowerExchange Nonrelational SQL
  11. DTLDESCRIBE Metadata
  12. PowerExchange Globalization
  13. Using the PowerExchange ODBC Drivers
  14. PowerExchange Datatypes and Conversion Matrix
  15. Appendix A: DTL__CAPXTIMESTAMP Time Stamps
  16. Appendix B: PowerExchange Glossary

Setting Up the AT-TLS Infrastructure

Setting Up the AT-TLS Infrastructure

If the AT-TLS infrastructure is not already set up, you must set it up before you customize it for PowerExchange SSL.
  1. Activate the Communications Server Policy Agent.
  2. Create the AT-TLS policy file for PowerExchange and make it available to the Policy Agent.
The IBM Configuration Assistant for z/OS Communications Server assists in building an AT-TLS configuration and policy files. This is a graphical user interface that is installed with the IBM z/OS Management Facility.
Get SSL certificates for all machines that use SSL connection in the PowerExchange environment. The system administrator or security administrator typically supplies these certificates.


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