Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to PowerExchange
  3. DBMOVER Configuration File
  4. Netport Jobs
  5. PowerExchange Message Logs and Destination Overrides
  6. SMF Statistics Logging and Reporting
  7. PowerExchange Security
  8. Secure Sockets Layer Support
  9. PowerExchange Alternative Network Security
  10. PowerExchange Nonrelational SQL
  11. DTLDESCRIBE Metadata
  12. PowerExchange Globalization
  13. Using the PowerExchange ODBC Drivers
  14. PowerExchange Datatypes and Conversion Matrix
  15. Appendix A: DTL__CAPXTIMESTAMP Time Stamps
  16. Appendix B: PowerExchange Glossary

DTLDESCRIBE Metadata Overview

DTLDESCRIBE Metadata Overview

PowerExchange provides a special SQL syntax, called DTLDESCRIBE, for accessing metadata.
DTLDESCRIBE retrieves the following types of metadata:
  • schemas, tables, and columns
  • procedures and procedure columns
  • records for non-relational databases
  • primary keys
  • foreign keys for relational databases
For non-relational data types, the Windows utility PWXUMAP can be deployed to execute DTLDESCRIBE SQL and store the results in a text file on the Windows system. For more information about the PWXUMAP utility, see the
PowerExchange Utilities Guide
For relational data types, the you can use the PowerExchange Navigator to run DTLDESCRIBE SQL in a row test. For more information about database row tests, see the
PowerExchange Navigator User Guide


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