Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Installation Overview
  3. Installing Identity Resolution
  4. Post-Installation Tasks
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Upgrading Identity Resolution
  7. Uninstalling Identity Resolution

Installation and Configuration Guide

Installation and Configuration Guide

Test the Identity Resolution Installation in Console Mode

Test the
Identity Resolution
Installation in Console Mode

If your environment does not support graphical user interface, you can test the
Identity Resolution
installation in console mode.
  1. Create an input file with
    as its name.
  2. Add the following entries to the file, and save the file.
    work-directory=#SSAWORKDIR# #a ction=rulebase-create rulebase-name=odb:0:<username>/<password>@<dbserver> #a ction=database-create database-name=odb:1:<username>/<password>@<dbserver> #a ction=system-import-without-load system-name=ssa000 input-file=#SSATOP#/ids/systems/ssa000.sys rulebase-name=odb:0:<username>/<password>@<dbserver> database-name=odb:1:<username>/<password>@<dbserver> work-directory=#SSAWORKDIR# #a ction=job-run job-name=Job01 system-name=ssa000 rulebase-name=odb:0:<username>/<password>@<dbserver> work-directory=#SSAWORKDIR#
  3. From the
    <Identity Resolution Installation Directory>/bin
    directory, run the following command:
    idsup -itests.dat -t
    <Identity Resolution Installation Directory>
  4. Run the idsbatch utility by using the following command:
    idsbatch -h#SSA_CSHOST# -i<Absolute Path>/ -1<Absolute Path/idsbatch.log -2<Absolute Path>/idsbatch.err
    If the test is successful, the
    file must be blank.


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