Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Introduction
  3. Part 2: Configuring Hub Console Tools
  4. Part 3: Building the Data Model
  5. Part 4: Configuring the Data Flow
  6. Part 5: Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  7. Part 6: Configuring Application Access
  8. Appendix A: MDM Hub Properties
  9. Appendix B: Viewing Configuration Details
  10. Appendix C: Row-level Locking
  11. Appendix D: MDM Hub Logging
  12. Appendix E: Table Partitioning
  13. Appendix F: Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Appendix G: Glossary

Configuration Phase

Configuration Phase

After Informatica MDM Hub has been installed and set up, administrators can begin configuring and testing Informatica MDM Hub functionality—the data model and other objects in the Hub Store, data management processes, external application access, and so on.
This phase involves a dynamic, iterative process of building and testing Informatica MDM Hub functionality to meet the stated requirements of an organization. The bulk of the material in this chapter refers to tasks associated with the configuration phase.
After a schema has been sufficiently built and the Informatica MDM Hub has been properly configured, developers can build external applications to access Informatica MDM Hub functionality and resources. For instructions on developing external applications, see the
Multidomain MDM Services Integration Framework Guide


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