Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Installation Getting Started
  3. Part 2: Before You Install the Services
  4. Part 3: Run the Services Installer
  5. Part 4: After You Install the Services
  6. Part 5: Informatica Client Installation
  7. Part 6: Uninstallation
  8. Appendix A: Starting and Stopping Informatica Services
  9. Appendix B: Managing Distribution Packages
  10. Appendix C: Connecting to Databases from UNIX or Linux
  11. Appendix D: Connecting to Databases from Windows
  12. Appendix E: Updating the DynamicSections Parameter of a DB2 Database

Installation for PowerCenter and Data Quality

Installation for PowerCenter and Data Quality

Set Up Database User Accounts

Set Up Database User

Set up a database and user account for the
repository databases
Use the following rules and guidelines when you set up the user
  • The database user account must have permissions to create and drop tables, indexes, and views, and to select, insert, update, and delete data from tables.
  • Use 7-bit ASCII to create the password for the account.
  • To prevent database errors in one repository from affecting any other repository, create each repository in a separate database schema with a different database user account. Do not create a repository in the same database schema as the domain configuration repository or any other repository in the domain.


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