Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Working with Transformations
  3. Aggregator Transformation
  4. Custom Transformation
  5. Custom Transformation Functions
  6. Data Masking Transformation
  7. Data Masking Examples
  8. Expression Transformation
  9. External Procedure Transformation
  10. Filter Transformation
  11. HTTP Transformation
  12. Identity Resolution Transformation
  13. Java Transformation
  14. Java Transformation API Reference
  15. Java Expressions
  16. Java Transformation Example
  17. Joiner Transformation
  18. Lookup Transformation
  19. Lookup Caches
  20. Dynamic Lookup Cache
  21. Normalizer Transformation
  22. Rank Transformation
  23. Router Transformation
  24. Sequence Generator Transformation
  25. Sorter Transformation
  26. Source Qualifier Transformation
  27. SQL Transformation
  28. Using the SQL Transformation in a Mapping
  29. Stored Procedure Transformation
  30. Transaction Control Transformation
  31. Union Transformation
  32. Unstructured Data Transformation
  33. Update Strategy Transformation
  34. XML Transformations

Transformation Guide

Transformation Guide

Search Server Connection

Search Server Connection

To connect to the Search Server, you provide a host name and port number. Then, you configure the Rulebase connection string. The Rulebase contains information about systems that IIR uses to search and match data. The Rulebase connection in an Identity Resolution transformation specifies the database that contains the Rulebase.
You cannot change the host name or Rulebase connection after you create the transformation.

IR Hostname

Host name of the machine where the Informatica Identity Resolution Server runs.


Port number of the Search Server.

Rulebase Connection String

Connection string to the Search Server. You can specify the Rulebase connection as ODBC or SSA. Configure ODBC and SSA in the IIR host.
The following table describes the ODBC connection information:
Connection Property
Rulebase Number
The number designated for the IR Rulebase.
User Name
Database user name.
Password for the database user name.
Service Name
Service name defined in the odbc.ini file.
To connect through SSA, you need to provide the alias. The alias hides the connection string from application programs. IIR uses aliases for Rulebases, databases, and source names.


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