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  1. Version 6.4.3
  2. Version 6.4 HotFix 2
  3. Version 6.4 HotFix 1
  4. Version 6.4
  5. Version 6.3
  6. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 2
  7. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 1
  8. Version 6.2
  9. Version 6.1.1
  10. Version 6.1

Release Guide

Release Guide

Data Vault Access Roles

Data Vault Access Roles

The following access roles have been added:

Healthcare Management Information User

The healthcare management information user role has the following privileges:
  • Access the Release of Information form in the Application Retirement for Healthcare Accelerator.
  • Submit the Release of Information form.

Retention Viewer

The retention viewer role has the following privileges:
  • Perform data discovery searches (Browse Data and Search within an Entity in Data Vault) based on retention policy and retention expiration date.
  • View retention policy details (retention policy and expiration date).
  • View table data.
In order to export data from a search, this role must be coupled with the export administrator role.


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