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  2. Version 6.4.3 HotFix 1
  3. Version 6.4.3
  4. Version 6.4 HotFix 2
  5. Version 6.4 HotFix 1
  6. Version 6.4
  7. Version 6.3
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  11. Version 6.1.1
  12. Version 6.1

Application Retirement for Healthcare Accelerator

Application Retirement for Healthcare Accelerator

The application retirement for healthcare accelerator allows you to retire a healthcare application to the Data Vault and retain access to the data through patient archive reports. You can also update patient billing records after you retire them to the Data Vault.
If your source database is Microsoft SQL Server, you must convert the data types
to the
Data Vault data type before you retire the health care data. To convert these data types to
, set the
property in the
file to Y.
For more information, see the
Informatica Data Archive Application Retirement for Healthcare Accelerator Reference

Updated October 14, 2019