Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Test Data Management
  3. Test Data Manager
  4. Projects
  5. Policies
  6. Data Discovery
  7. Creating a Data Subset
  8. Performing a Data Masking Operation
  9. Data Masking Techniques and Parameters
  10. Data Generation
  11. Data Generation Techniques and Parameters
  12. Working with Test Data Warehouse
  13. Analyzing Test Data with Data Coverage
  14. Plans and Workflows
  15. Monitor
  16. Reports
  17. ilmcmd
  18. tdwcmd
  19. tdwquery
  20. Appendix A: Data Type Reference
  21. Appendix B: Data Type Reference for Test Data Warehouse
  22. Appendix C: Data Type Reference for Hadoop
  23. Appendix D: Glossary

Project Configuration to Handle Empty String Values in Non Null Target Columns

Project Configuration to Handle Empty String Values in Non Null Target Columns

You cannot copy empty string values into a non null column in a target.
You might encounter this issue when you reset a data set that you create on an Oracle test data warehouse to a Microsoft SQL Server database.
The issue also occurs when source data contains characters that the PowerCenter Integration Service cannot process. Null values replace the characters in the target. The workflow fails if the target column is a non null column.
You can configure a project to provide default values to use for empty string values in non null target columns. All plans that you run from the project use the default values. You can edit the values as required.
From the Project Configuration tab on the
Administrator | Preferences
page, add a default field to the project configuration. You must have the Manage Preferences privilege to create default fields.
Use the following name and format:

    Target Empty Value

The field appears on the
New Project
dialog box. You can enter values that you want to use in place of empty string values in non null columns.
A workflow fails if the non null column in the target is a Unique column.