Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Cloud Customer 360
  3. Configuring the Data Cleansing Settings
  4. Managing Batch Jobs
  5. Verifying Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  6. Synchronizing Salesforce Records with CC360
  7. Managing Duplicate Records
  8. Consolidating Records
  9. Converting External Records to Salesforce Records
  10. Managing Hierarchies
  11. Integrating Cloud Customer 360 with MDM Multidomain Edition
  12. Managing Multi-Org
  13. Custom Settings
  14. Glossary

Step 3. Creating a Search Connection

A search connection acts as a channel through which you can search for data or import data from MDM Hub. The search connection uses the search parameters to create a connection between CC360 and MDM Hub.
  1. Based on the Salesforce environment that you use, perform one of the following tasks:
    • In Salesforce Classic, from the
      section of the
      CC360 Admin
      tab, click
      Run the Setup Wizard
    • In Lightning Experience, perform the following tasks:
      1. On the navigation menu, click
        CC360 Admin
        Manage CC360
        page appears.
      2. From the
        section, click
        Run the Setup Wizard
  2. In the
    Service Setup
    section, click
    MDM Multidomain Edition
    Service: Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition
    page appears.
  3. To create a search connection, click
    New Search Connection
    You can also edit an existing search connection.
  4. In the
    Search Service Information
    section, perform the following tasks:
    1. Activate the search connection.
    2. Configure the following connection details:
      Name of the search connection.
      User ID and Password
      Authentication credentials to access Informatica Cloud.
      Business Entity/View
      Business entity type of the data in MDM Multidomain Edition business entity or business entity views.
      Object Class
      Object class used in the matching settings to compare MDM Multidomain Edition and CC360 records.
      Metadata URL
      The Service URL from the meta service parent process you published in Informatica Cloud Real Time.
      The following URL is an example service URL to access the metadata of a business entity or a business entity view service:
      Search URL
      The Service URL from the service parent process that you published in Informatica Cloud Real Time.
      The following URL is an example service URL to search for data in the MDM Hub data sources:
      In the example URL
      is the input variable defined in the parent process that you created in Informatica Cloud Real Time.
  5. Click
    Get Fields
    . Gets the business entity service fields from MDM Multidomain Edition.
  6. In the
    Field Mapping and Priority Information
    , perform the following tasks:
    1. Map the bean fields to the business entity service fields.
    2. Enable search for the fields.
    3. Assign priorities for each field.
    If you map date or time fields, ensure that you use the following format:
    For Date field.
    For DateTime field.
    <yyyy>-<mm>-<dd> <hh>:<mm>:<ss>Z
    For example,
    2014-12-26 10:10:10Z
  7. Click
    After you save the search connection, CC360 uses the field mapping and the priority information to create synchronization and data source settings for the MDM Multidomain Edition business entity.


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