Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Getting Started
  4. Adding Records
  5. Finding Records
  6. Editing Records
  7. Importing Bulk Data
  8. Working with Drafts
  9. Viewing Tasks
  10. Participating in Review Processes
  11. Managing Tasks
  12. Resolving Duplicates
  13. Investigating Data Changes
  14. Investigating Relationships
  15. Creating Customer Profiles on the Customer Portal

Customer Portal Onboarding

Customer Portal Onboarding

When a customer signs up through the Customer Portal, the customer must enter the basic details to register the profile.
After the sign up is complete, the customer receives an email confirming the registration and inviting the customer to complete the online application. The online application form contains multiple pages. Each page focuses on a different type of information, such as financial details, insurance, and documents.
After a customer submits an application form, the submission triggers a review process. At this point, the customer is in the submitted state. A business user with the manager profile can then review the customer profile and approve, reject, or send back the application requesting additional details.
After the profile is approved, the status of the customer changes to approved state. An approved customer can access all the necessary pages in the Customer Portal to update information and upload documents. When a customer signs in to the Customer Portal, the portal displays a welcome dashboard. In the left navigation panel, the customer can access various pages related to the customer profile. Any update from the customer triggers the review process for the changes made.


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