Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to PowerExchange
  3. DBMOVER Configuration File
  4. Netport Jobs
  5. PowerExchange Message Logs and Destination Overrides
  6. SMF Statistics Logging and Reporting
  7. PowerExchange Security
  8. Secure Sockets Layer Support
  9. PowerExchange Alternative Network Security
  10. PowerExchange Nonrelational SQL
  11. PowerExchange Globalization
  12. Using the PowerExchange ODBC Drivers
  13. PowerExchange Datatypes and Conversion Matrix
  14. Appendix A: DTL__CAPXTIMESTAMP Time Stamps
  15. Appendix B: PowerExchange Glossary

User-Defined Code Pages

User-Defined Code Pages

PowerExchange can use the following types of user-defined code pages:
  • ICU-compatible code pages
    . These code pages are binary CNV files that are created from source definitions in a UCM file when you run the ICU makeconv utility. ICU supports all types of code pages including multibyte code pages.
  • PowerExchange static code pages
    . These code pages are defined as a 16-by-16 matrix in text files. PowerExchange static code pages are restricted to single-byte code pages. Data cannot be converted to ICU code pages.
If you are upgrading PowerExchange from a release earlier than 9.0 to 9.0 or later, you must re-create the CNV files on each platform. To re-create the files, run the V900 or later version of the ICU makeconv utility.


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