Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services REST API
  3. Platform REST API version 2 resources
  4. Platform REST API version 3 resources
  5. Data Integration REST API
  6. Mass Ingestion Files REST API
  7. Mass Ingestion Streaming REST API
  8. Model Serve REST API
  9. RunAJob utility
  10. ParamSetCli utility
  11. REST API codes
  12. REST API resource quick references

REST API Reference

REST API Reference

Input and response for the image classification model

Input and response for the image classification model

To generate predictions from the image classification quick start model, include a reference to the image file in the request. If successful, the request returns a list of the image descriptors.

Input fields

Include the following field in the request field of the POST request:
File path to the image file.

POST response

Returns an array that contains the five image descriptors and confidence scores, similar to the following example:
{ "prediction": [ { "name": "drum, membranophone, tympan", "confidence_score": 0.23505400121212006 }, { "name": "frying pan, frypan, skillet", "confidence_score": 0.1420985758304596 }, { "name": "stove", "confidence_score": 0.11630863696336746 }, { "name": "ladle", "confidence_score": 0.08813537657260895 }, { "name": "strainer", "confidence_score": 0.06395173072814941 } ] }


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