Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services REST API
  3. Platform REST API version 2 resources
  4. Platform REST API version 3 resources
  5. Data Integration REST API
  6. Mass Ingestion Files REST API
  7. Mass Ingestion Streaming REST API
  8. Model Serve REST API
  9. RunAJob utility
  10. ParamSetCli utility
  11. REST API codes
  12. REST API resource quick references

REST API Reference

REST API Reference

RunAJob utility setup

RunAJob utility

To set up the
RunAJob utility
, create copies of the RunAJob properties template files that are included with the utility and configure the new files.
RunAJob utility
includes the following template files:
    . Specifies login credentials and job polling behavior.
    . Specifies the level of detail to return in log files.
To customize the RunAJob properties, copy the template files to create a
file and optionally a
file, and then configure the properties. Or, you can update existing
files if you already have them. Use the template files that are included with the utility as a reference.
You can find the template files in the following location:
<Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\runAJobCli


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