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  1. Preface
  2. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services REST API
  3. Platform REST API version 2 resources
  4. Platform REST API version 3 resources
  5. Data Integration REST API
  6. Mass Ingestion Files REST API
  7. Mass Ingestion Streaming REST API
  8. Model Serve REST API
  9. RunAJob utility
  10. ParamSetCli utility
  11. REST API codes
  12. REST API resource quick references

REST API Reference

REST API Reference

Removing tags

Removing tags

Use the UntagObjects to remove tags from an asset.

POST request

To remove a tag from an asset, use the following URI:
You can remove tags from a maximum of 100 assets in a request.
Include the following information for each asset:
Global unique identifier for the object.
List of tags to remove from the object.

POST example

To remove tags from two assets, you might use a POST request similar to the following example:
POST <baseApiUrl>/public/core/v3/UntagObjects Content-Type: application/json Accept: application/json INFA-SESSION-ID: <sessionId> [{ "id":"5kuZuAC3Os0dycZuqGpqmM", "tags": ["R12 Tag", "DevQA"] }, { "id":"7feHjtC50mLb44CTW4Xmon", "tags": ["DevQA", "R12 Tag"] }]
Returns the 204 response code if the request is successful. Returns errors if the request is unsuccessful. If the request is partially successful, returns information for the successful and unsuccessful transactions, as shown in the following example:
[{ "id": "9WfGCcHsygueFigGhAdWqh", "status": "FAILED", "msg": "Object: 9WfGCcHsygueFigGhAdWqh skipped, missing READ/UPDATE permissions." }, { "id": "0cLD48xB4TOgm8cNjP2kmJ", "status": "SUCCESS", "msg": "Object: 0cLD48xB4TOgm8cNjP2kmJ Operation Message: [Tag assignment succeeded for artifact 0cLD48xB4TOgm8cNjP2kmJ.]" }]


We’d like to hear from you!
Santhosh Nalla - July 12, 2023

Is there any limitation for untagging assets from Informatica? Currently, we're receiving the below error while we're untagging using the REST API

ERROR - Error: Invalid Request Body, Supported max size 100, request size: 200
Informatica Documentation Team - July 12, 2023

Hi Santhosh. Thanks so much for your comment. You can't tag or untag more than 100 assets in an API call. The REST API help will be updated to reflect this limitation in an upcoming release.