Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services REST API
  3. Platform REST API version 2 resources
  4. Platform REST API version 3 resources
  5. Data Integration REST API
  6. Mass Ingestion Files REST API
  7. Mass Ingestion Streaming REST API
  8. Model Serve REST API
  9. RunAJob utility
  10. ParamSetCli utility
  11. REST API codes
  12. REST API resource quick references

REST API Reference

REST API Reference

Downloading the metering data

Downloading the metering data

When the export job completes successfully, use a GET request to download a ZIP file that contains the requested metering data.
The ZIP file is available to download for 3 days after the job completes with a status of SUCCESS or PARTIAL_SUCCESS.
You can download the ZIP file when the status of the job is PARTIAL_SUCCESS. However, the data in the ZIP file might be not be complete.

GET request

To download the ZIP file, use the following URI:

GET response

If successful, you receive the ZIP stream in the response body and the response type will be application/zip. To download the file, save the response to a file as shown in the following image using Postman:
 The image shows the body of a GET response that contains a zip stream. From the Save Response menu, Save to a file is selected.


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