Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Cloud Integration Hub
  3. Hub administration
  4. Project and Asset Management
  5. Applications
  6. Topics
  7. Data Integration tasks
  8. File ingestion tasks
  9. Publications
  10. Subscriptions
  11. Tracking and monitoring
  12. Cloud Integration Hub REST APIs
  13. Glossary

Cloud Integration Hub

Cloud Integration Hub

Cloud Integration Hub user interface

Cloud Integration Hub
user interface

Cloud Integration Hub
Home page appears when you log in to
Cloud Integration Hub
. The
Cloud Integration Hub
Home page includes a navigator at the left of the page, the Hub Overview diagram, search and filters at the right of the page.
Use the navigator to create assets, track events, and explore and perform actions on existing assets.
The Hub Overview diagram provides a visual overview of the existing assets. Use the
filter to search for applications from the Home page and view the associated topics, publications, and subscriptions in the Hub Overview diagram. Use the
filter to filter the assets that the Hub Overview diagram shows.
If you use a hosted publication repository, the repository storage usage shows at the top left of the Hub Overview diagram.
The following image shows a sample Hub Overview diagram:


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