Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Cloud Integration Hub
  3. Hub administration
  4. Project and Asset Management
  5. Applications
  6. Topics
  7. Data Integration tasks
  8. File ingestion tasks
  9. Publications
  10. Subscriptions
  11. Tracking and monitoring
  12. Cloud Integration Hub REST APIs
  13. Glossary

Cloud Integration Hub

Cloud Integration Hub

Explore page

Explore page

Use the
page to work with your
Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
projects and assets.

Finding projects and assets on the Explore page

Use any of the following methods to find your projects and assets on the
  • Explore by projects and folders. Vew all projects or select a particular project.
  • Explore by asset types. View all assets or view assets of a particular type.
  • Explore by tags. View assets associated with a particular tag.
  • Search for projects or assets. To search all projects, folders, and assets in the organization, view the
    page by
    All Projects
    , and then enter a name or description in the Find box. Or, to narrow your search, filter the
    page by
    All Assets
    , select a specific asset type, project, or folder, and then enter a name or description in the Find box.
  • Sort the search results. Sort the
    page by name, last update date, description, or type. When you sort by type, the
    page groups assets by asset type. It does not list the asset types in alphabetical order.
You can see projects, folders, and assets for all of the services that you use. If you select an asset to open it or perform an action and the asset is created in a different service than the one you have open, the service opens in a new browser tab.
You can't use the following characters:
# ? ' | { } " ^ & [ ] / \
Do not use these characters in project, folder, asset, or tag names.

Working with projects and assets on the Explore page

Perform actions on projects, folders, and assets on the
page. To see what actions you can perform on an object, in the row that contains the object, click the
icon. The Actions menu lists the actions you can perform based on your user role privileges.

Customizing the Explore page

You can display, hide, or rearrange object properties on the
page. To display or hide properties, right-click the column heading area and check or uncheck the properties. The following image shows the properties menu on the
page column heading area:
The properties menu lists object properties to display on the Explore page. Properties currently displayed have check marks to the left of the property name. Type and Updated On are checked to appear on the Explore page. Updated By and Created On are not checked so they do not appear.
To rearrange columns, click a column heading and drag it to a different location.


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