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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to API Manager
  3. API management
  4. Organizational access policies
  5. API-specific policies
  6. API groups
  7. Authentication and authorization
  8. API Microgateway Service
  9. Analytics

API Manager Guide

API Manager Guide

Troubleshooting the API Microgateway Service and API Microgateway

Troubleshooting the API Microgateway Service and API Microgateway

Use the following sections to troubleshoot errors in the API Microgateway Service and API Microgateway.

Troubleshooting API Microgateway Service

I received the custom license for the API Microgateway Service from Informatica Global Customer Support, but the service is not available on the Secure Agent.
View the Secure Agent core logs to check if there were any issues with package download and installation on the Secure Agent. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support in case of errors.
The API Microgateway Service enters stopped state, error state, or restarts.
Check the Secure Agent core and audit logs for specific symptoms that could reveal the cause of error. Low memory resources of the Secure Agent host can also interrupt the API Microgateway Service.
I can't find the secure channel port of the API Microgateway Service.
The Secure Agent core platform assigns a secure channel port to the API Microgateway Service during startup. The port is changed during the service restart. You can find the port information in the following file:
<Secure Agent installation directory>/apps/ApiMicrogatewayService/logs folder/apimgw.log
The API Microgateway build failed.
There are two types of errors that can cause the API Microgateway build to fail:
  1. WSO2 errors can occur if the managed API and its configured policies do not conform to the OpenAPI Specification. If the project enters an irreversible corrupt state, you must create a new project with a new managed API and configurations. To create a new project, change the project name and restart the Secure Agent. For more information, see
    Secure Agent Services
    in the Administrator help.
  2. Docker image generation errors can occur if the Docker image or tag name includes the following restricted characters:
    . These configurations are validated by the API Microgateway build, and failure will indicate possible causes.
The API Microgateway deploy failed.
API Microgateway deploy failures are primarily related to Docker image deployment. You will receive error messages that include the cause of failure.
In case of API Microgateway blue-green deployment, deployment will fail if the previous Docker image is removed from the registry. To avoid this issue, you can pass the reset flag in the request payload to force resetting the blue-green deployment states.

Troubleshooting API Microgateway

I am unable to access the managed APIs I deployed as API Microgateway proxies.
If you are unable to access the managed APIs you deployed, complete the following tasks:
  • Verify that the blue and green Docker image containers are running.
  • View the API Microgateway access and event logs in the file path:
    <Secure Agent installation directory>/apps/ApiMicrogatewayService/logs
    . Verify that the haproxy Docker image container is running and check the corresponding logs for any routing failures.
The rate limit policy I configured was not applied.
API Manager applies the configured rate limit policy according to the allowed usage in a designated time period. For example, if the rate limit is five requests per minute, then the rate limit counter will reset at the start of every minute. In addition, the rate limit counter is reset when the API Microgateway is updated and redeployed.
The IP filtering policy I configured was not applied.
API Manager applies the IP filtering policy according to the order of precedence and listing of IP rules that you specify. The first rule on the list should be the default IP rule, which can deny or allow the entire IP range. View the API Microgateway access and event logs to check if the IP rules were applied and their results.
I want to stop the API Microgateway.
To stop the API Microgateway, stop all three Docker image containers.


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