Table of Contents


  1. Pre-Installation
  2. Installation
  3. Post-Installation
  4. Apply the HotFix
  5. Starting and Stopping Proactive Monitoring Components
  6. Logging In to Client Tools
  7. Configure Reporting
  8. Installation and Configuration Checklist

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Informatica Domain

The Informatica domain is a collection of nodes and services that support the administration of the distributed services.
You must install the Informatica platform and create the application services before you install Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter.
Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter uses the following domain components to monitor PowerCenter governance and operations:
PowerCenter Integration Service
The Informatica application service that runs sessions and workflows that you monitor. It runs the following types of workflows that collect monitoring information:
  • Operations web service workflows that monitor the domain and the application services on a node.
  • Operations workflows that collect historical run-time statistics about PowerCenter sessions and workflows.
PowerCenter Repository Service
The Informatica application service that manages the PowerCenter repository. The PowerCenter Integration Service reads from and writes to the PowerCenter repository through the PowerCenter Repository Service.
Web Services Hub Service
The Informatica application service that runs the web service workflow in conjunction with the PowerCenter Integration Service to monitor the domain and application services on a node.
Node agent
An operations monitoring service that runs on the Informatica domain node and collects resource usage information from the host machine. After you install Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter, you copy the node agent files from the Proactive Monitoring machine to the node, and register it.
PowerCenter repository
Stores design-time and run-time metadata related to mappings, sessions, and workflows. Proactive monitoring collects the following type of information from the PowerCenter repository:
  • Governance metadata related to development standards
  • Operations metadata related to active and historical run-time statistics
PowerCenter Client
The client tool that you use to create mappings and workflows that you run in the monitored environment. You also schedule proactive monitoring workflows through the PowerCenter Client.