Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Transformation
  3. Data Processor Transformation
  4. Wizard Input and Output Formats
  5. Relational Input and Output
  6. Using the IntelliScript Editor
  7. XMap
  8. Libraries
  9. Schema Object
  10. Command Line Interface
  11. Scripts
  12. Parsers
  13. Script Ports
  14. Document Processors
  15. Formats
  16. Data Holders
  17. Anchors
  18. Transformers
  19. Actions
  20. Serializers
  21. Mappers
  22. Locators, Keys, and Indexing
  23. Streamers
  24. Validators, Notifications, and Failure Handling
  25. Validation Rules
  26. Custom Script Components

IntelliScript Editor

IntelliScript Editor

The IntelliScript editor is a graphical tool that you use to edit Scripts. Use the IntelliScript editor to add components to the Script, configure component properties, and set the startup component.
When you open a Script, the IntelliScript editor appears in the editor area at the center of the Developer tool interface. By default, the IntelliScript editor displays Scripts in Intelli Mode, which displays the Script in an expandable hierarchical tree format, or Script Mode, which displays the Script as text. You can view or edit a Script in Intelli Mode. Some advanced properties are hidden by default, but you can show them by clicking a graphical double arrow on the first line of the component.
You can insert only components that are valid for the context. You can drag a component to move it, or you can cut and paste it with
. You can select multiple components with mouse clicks and the
When you use the IntelliScript editor, the following views display relevant information:
  • Data Viewer, Input panel. Displays the example source for the startup component or the component selected in the IntelliScript editor.
  • Data Viewer, Output panel. Displays the output when you run the Data Processor transformation from the
    Data Viewer
  • Data Processor Events. Displays the events that occur when you run a Data Processor transformation. Use the
    Data Processor Events
    view for troubleshooting.
  • Data Processor Script Help. Displays documentation relevant to the component or property currently selected in the IntelliScript editor.
  • Data Processor Hex Source. Displays the example source document in hexadecimal form. Use the
    Data Processor Hex Source
    view to find non-printing characters such as tabs.
To view the source of a Script, right-click in the IntelliScript editor, and then select
Script Mode
. To return to Intelli Mode, right-click in the IntelliScript editor, and then select
Intelli Mode

Updated March 03, 2021