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  1. Preface
  2. Mappings
  3. Parameters
  4. CLAIRE recommendations
  5. Data catalog discovery
  6. Visio templates



Editing in-out parameters in a mapping task

Editing in-out parameters in a

An in-out parameter is a placeholder for a value in a mapping. The task determines the value to apply during run time. You configure an in-out parameter in the mapping and can edit the value in the
When you deploy a mapping that includes an in-out parameter, the task sets the parameter value at run time based on the parameter's retention policy. By default, the
task retains the value set during the last session. If needed, you can reset the value in the
From the
task wizard, you can perform the following actions for in-out parameters:
  • View the values of all in-out parameters in the mapping, which can change each time the task runs.
  • Reset the configuration to the default values. Click
    to reset a single parameter. Click
    Refresh All
    to reset all the parameters.
  • Edit or change specific configuration details. Click
For example, the following image shows configuration details of the "Timestamp" parameter and the value at the end of the last session:
The mapping task wizard displays the in-out parameters.

View in-out parameters in the job details

To find the value of an in-out parameter after a task runs, view the job details. To view job details, open
and select
All Jobs
or open
Data Integration
and select
My Jobs
. Then click the job name.
The following image shows an example of the available details, including the current value of the specified parameter, set during the last run of a
The "In-Out Parameters" area at the bottom of the job details shows the values for each in-out parameter in the mapping.
The in-out parameters appear in the job details based on the retention policy that you set for each parameter.