Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Transformation
  3. Data Processor Transformation
  4. Wizard Input and Output Formats
  5. Relational Input and Output
  6. Using the IntelliScript Editor
  7. XMap
  8. Libraries
  9. Schema Object
  10. Command Line Interface
  11. Scripts
  12. Parsers
  13. Script Ports
  14. Document Processors
  15. Formats
  16. Data Holders
  17. Anchors
  18. Transformers
  19. Actions
  20. Serializers
  21. Mappers
  22. Locators, Keys, and Indexing
  23. Streamers
  24. Validators, Notifications, and Failure Handling
  25. Validation Rules
  26. Custom Script Components

Standard Format Properties

Standard Format Properties

The following table describes standard properties of the format components:
Defines a list of Transformers that the Parser applies to the output of each content anchor.
Defines the structure of information in the document. You can choose one of the following options:
  • CommaDelimited. Data fields are separated by commas.
  • DelimiterHierarchy. Data fields are separated or surrounded by text characters.
  • HL7. Data fields are separated as defined in the HL7 standard.
  • Positional. Data fields are defined by the number of characters between them.
  • PostScript. Data fields are defined according to the PostScript format.
  • RTF. Data fields are defined according to the RTF format.
  • SGML. Data fields are defined according to the SGML format.
  • SpaceDelimited. Data fields are separated by spaces.
  • TabDelimited. Data fields are separated by tabs.
For more information, see Delimiters Component Reference.
A descriptive label for the component. This label appears in the log file and the
view. Use the
property to identify the component that caused the event.
Defines a format preprocessor that processes the input after any document processor that you defined for the
property of the
. You can choose one of the following options:
  • HtmlProcessor. Converts all combinations of tab, space, or newline to a single space character. It is not restricted to HTML documents.
  • RtfProcessor. Normalizes RTF files.
Default is blank.
A user-defined comment that describes the purpose or action of the component.

Updated March 18, 2021