Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Transformation
  3. Data Processor Transformation
  4. Wizard Input and Output Formats
  5. Relational Input and Output
  6. Using the IntelliScript Editor
  7. XMap
  8. Libraries
  9. Schema Object
  10. Command Line Interface
  11. Scripts
  12. Parsers
  13. Script Ports
  14. Document Processors
  15. Formats
  16. Data Holders
  17. Anchors
  18. Transformers
  19. Actions
  20. Serializers
  21. Mappers
  22. Locators, Keys, and Indexing
  23. Streamers
  24. Validators, Notifications, and Failure Handling
  25. Validation Rules
  26. Custom Script Components

Component Property Values

Component Property Values

You set the values for the properties of a component.
When the value of a property is Boolean, it appears as a check box to the left of the property name. For example, the
property of a
component is Boolean.
When the value is a string, it appears to the right of the property name, surrounded by double quotes. Valid values are strings of valid alphanumeric characters, symbols, or control characters, but not including null characters. To enter a non-keyboard character in a text field, press
, and then type the three-digit decimal code for the character. For example, type
010 for a line feed, or
255 for the Icelandic letter "thorn" (þ). For example, the value of the
property of a
component is a string.
When the value is a selection, it appears to the right of the property name. When you edit the value, a list box appears. For example, the
property of a
component is a selection.
When the value is a hierarchical tree of properties, it appears to the right and below the property name. For example, when you set the
property of a
component to CustomFormat, a tree of additional properties appears.
The following figure shows the
property of a
component, which appears as a tree:
global level myParser = Parser >> Level 2 example_source = ... Level 2 format = CustomFormat >> Level 3 delimiters = DelimiterHierarchy Level 4 delimiter_hierarchy line Level 4 ... Level 3 pre_processor = ... Level 3 default_transformers = Level 4 ... Level 2 contains line Level 2 ...

Updated March 18, 2021