Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Transformation
  3. Data Processor Transformation
  4. Wizard Input and Output Formats
  5. Relational Input and Output
  6. Using the IntelliScript Editor
  7. XMap
  8. Libraries
  9. Schema Object
  10. Command Line Interface
  11. Scripts
  12. Parsers
  13. Script Ports
  14. Document Processors
  15. Formats
  16. Data Holders
  17. Anchors
  18. Transformers
  19. Actions
  20. Serializers
  21. Mappers
  22. Locators, Keys, and Indexing
  23. Streamers
  24. Validators, Notifications, and Failure Handling
  25. Validation Rules
  26. Custom Script Components

XMap Schemas

XMap Schemas

An XMap requires hierarchical schemas that define the input and output hierarchical hierarchies. An XMap uses input and output hierarchical schemas to determine what type of data is expected in the input source document and output document. You link input and output schema nodes to create mapping statements.
A schema element is the basic building block of a mapping statement. When you define a mapping statement you might want to use a series of input schema elements in the statement, or add a variable. You can change the input and output root, add variables, and customize the schema view, but cannot edit the schema.
You can use the following options to manage the schemas and search for elements:
Customize view
Changes the way the schema appears so you can quickly search for relevant elements. You can search for a sequence of nodes, all nodes, or a choice of nodes. View these nodes to understand the schema logic. This view do not affect the mapping.
Search for elements in the schema. You can search in the input and output schemas separately.
Define variables to store data. You can map nodes to variables and map variables to nodes. You can also map variables to variables. When you create a variable, the variable appears at the bottom of both schemas.
Select Input or Output Root
Change the root element in the input or output schema. You might change the root element in order to reference a different part of the schema.
Choose the example source
Define the example source file. Use an example source to test the transformation and to test XPath expressions.

Updated March 18, 2021