Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. User administration
  3. Ecosystem single sign-on
  4. SAML single sign-on
  5. Users
  6. User groups
  7. User roles
  8. User configuration examples
  9. Editing your user profile

User Administration

User Administration

User administration

User administration

Configure users and user groups to allow access to your organization and assets. A user is an individual account in
Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
that allows secure access to an organization.
To configure users, you can set up single sign-on through Microsoft Azure or through a SAML third party identity provider. You can also create users directly in
. For more information about SAML configuration with Microsoft Azure, see Ecosystem single sign-on. For more information about SAML configuration with a third-party identity provider, see SAML single sign-on. For more information about configuring user accounts directly, see Users.
A user group is a group of user accounts in which all members of the group can perform the same tasks and have the same access rights for different types of assets. For more information about user groups, see User groups.
Users and groups can perform tasks and access assets based on the roles that you assign to them. For more information about user roles, see User roles.


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Amit Sirosiya - June 22, 2023

For providing access to users informatica c360 UI, does production jobs have to be stopped?

Informatica Documentation Team - June 22, 2023

Hi Amit,

The providing access to Customer 360 has no dependency on the production jobs.

Informatica Documentation Team