Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Getting Started
  4. Adding Records
  5. Finding Records
  6. Editing Records
  7. Importing Bulk Data
  8. Working with Draft Records
  9. Viewing Tasks
  10. Participating in Review Processes
  11. Managing Tasks
  12. Resolving Duplicates
  13. Investigating Data Changes
  14. Investigating Relationships
  15. Creating Customer Profiles on the Customer Portal

Opening Records from Query Results

Opening Records from Query Results

After you run a query to find records, you can open the records from the
Search Results
  1. From the
    Search Results
    panel, select the record that you want to open.
  2. Optionally, to verify that you have the correct record, preview the record.
    1. Click the
      Show Preview
      Record Preview
      displays the record details.
    2. After you preview the record, click
  3. To open the record, click the
    Open in a new window
    The record opens in the
    Business Entity
    view. You can view and edit the record.
  4. If you want to open the record in any other view, click the
    More Actions
    icon, and then select
    Record Details
    . Select the tab that you want to view.
    The tabs that appear in the open record depend on the Data Director configuration and your user role privileges.
    The following views might be available in the
    Data Director
    Matching Records
    View the records that match the record that you opened. You can identify and resolve duplicate records.
    Cross-reference Records
    View the records that contribute to the best version of the truth of a record. You can unmerge a record that was merged with another record.
    View data changes over the lifespan of the record. You can identify the data events that changed the data.
    View a tree diagram that shows the hierarchy relationships for the record. You can add, edit, and delete hierarchy relationships for the selected record.
    View a network diagram that shows how a record is related to other records. You can add, edit, and delete related relationships for the selected record.
    The record opens in the view that you select.


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