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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Before You Install
  4. Installing MDM - Customer 360
  5. After You Install
  6. Business Processes for Customer Management
  7. Customizing Customer 360
  8. Upgrading Customer 360
  9. Troubleshooting

Localizing Lookup Table

Localizing Lookup Table

A lookup table is a reference table that contains a list of supported values for a column in a base object table. You can localize the lookup tables in any language you want. To localize the lookup tables, create a properties file with the localized values, and then import the localized file into the database.
  1. Go to the following directory:
    <MDM Installation Directory>/app/tcr/lookuplocalization/resources
  2. Save a copy of the
    file with the language code and country code for the language you want to use.
    For example, to create the Canadian French version, save the file as
  3. In a text editor, open the localized file you create.
  4. For each lookup table value, add the localized value in the following format:
    <lookup table value>=<Localized value>
  5. Save the file.
  6. Go to the following directory:
    <MDM Installation Directory>/server/lib
  7. Copy the following files:
    • log4j-1.2.16.jar
    • ojdbc7.jar
      . If you use Oracle database.
    • db2jcc.jar
      . If you use IBM DB2 database.
    • sqljdbc4.jar
      . If you use Microsoft SQL Server database.
  8. Paste the copied files into the following directory:
    <MDM Installation Directory>/app/tcr/lookuplocalization/lib
  9. Open a command prompt, and go to the following directory:
    <MDM Installation Directory>/app/tcr/lookuplocalization/bin
  10. Run the following command:
    • On UNIX.
    • On Windows.
  11. At the prompts, enter the following parameters:
    Database type
    Type of database that you use.
    Use one of the following values:
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • MSSQL
    User name
    User name to access the Operational Reference Store database.
    Password for the user name.
    Operational Reference Store database host name
    Name of the host that runs the Operational Reference Store database.
    Operational Reference Store database port number
    Port number that the database listener uses.
    Database name
    For IBM DB2 and Oracle only. Name of the IBM DB2 database or Oracle service.
    The localized lookup data is imported into the staging tables.
  12. In the utilities workbench of the Hub Console, click
    Batch Group
  13. Expand
    Localized Lookup Data Load
    , and select
    Control & Logs
  14. Click
    The localized lookup data is imported into the base objects.


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