Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Data integration tasks
  3. Mapping tasks
  4. Dynamic mapping tasks
  5. Synchronization tasks
  6. Data transfer tasks
  7. Replication tasks
  8. Masking tasks
  9. Masking rules
  10. PowerCenter tasks



Simultaneous task runs

Simultaneous task runs

You can run multiple instances of a mapping task at the same time.
You might want to enable simultaneous task runs to load target files concurrently.
You can use multiple task instances in a Parallel Paths step of a taskflow or in two different taskflows that run in parallel.
You can also run multiple instances of a
task simultaneously using the REST API version 2 job resource. For more information about running tasks using the job resource, see
REST API Reference
To enable simultaneous task runs, select the
Allow the mapping task to be executed simultaneously
on the
Runtime Options
page when you configure the task.
Use caution when you configure
tasks to run simultaneously. Mapping features that change each time the task runs, such as in-out parameters and sequence generator values, might produce unexpected results when you run the task instances simultaneously.


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Kowshik J - April 09, 2024

Is the in-out parameter/seq-gen behaviour issue still there as per April 2024 release ?

Also if iam passing values from  parameter values for In-Out parameters, Will i be affected  ?

what is the unexpected results we are referring to ?

Informatica Documentation Team - April 09, 2024

Hello Kowshik J,

Thanks for your query. The functionality for simultaneous task runs has not changed in the April 2024 release. In-out parameters and sequence generator values can produce unexpected results in simultaneous mapping task runs because you can't assign the current value or the next value to specific instances of the task.