Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Data integration tasks
  3. Mapping tasks
  4. Dynamic mapping tasks
  5. Synchronization tasks
  6. Data transfer tasks
  7. Replication tasks
  8. Masking tasks
  9. Masking rules
  10. PowerCenter tasks



Rules and guidelines for masking tasks

Rules and guidelines for

Consider the following rules and guidelines when you run masking tasks:
  • The Secure Agent must have access to Salesforce servers.
  • Tasks that include data subset properties require a staging connection. You can create a staging connection on an H2 database.
  • To improve batch processing, configure the
    flag in the Custom Configuration Details for the Secure Agent and set it to TRUE.
    Bulk operations that contain large amounts of data to read in a single query might encounter a connection reset at regular intervals. The task might fail because of the connection reset. Improved batch processing reduces the chances of a connection reset during a task run.


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