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  1. Preface
  2. Data integration tasks
  3. Mapping tasks
  4. Dynamic mapping tasks
  5. Synchronization tasks
  6. Data transfer tasks
  7. Replication tasks
  8. Masking tasks
  9. Masking rules
  10. PowerCenter tasks



SIN masking

SIN masking

SIN masking applies a built-in mask format to change Social Insurance numbers.
You can mask a Social Insurance number that is nine digits. The digits can be delimited by any set of characters. The following delimiters are valid:
space, no space, #, +, -, *, =, ~, !, @, $, %, ^, &, *, :, ;, ", ., /, and ,
If the number contains no delimiters, the masked number contains no delimiters. Otherwise the masked number has the following format:
The following examples of Social Insurance numbers are valid formats:


    123 456 789


If the source does not contain a valid format, the task replaces with default values from the
You can define the first digit of the masked SIN. Enable
Start Digit
and enter the digit. The
task creates masked SIN numbers that start with the number that you enter. You can configure repeatable masking for Social Insurance numbers. To configure repeatable masking for SIN numbers, select
and enter a seed value.
The following table describes the parameters you can configure for SIN masking:
Masking parameter
Returns the same masked value when you run a task multiple times or when you generate masked values for a field that is in multiple tables.
Seed Value
A starting number to create repeatable output. Enter a number from 1 through 999. Default seed value is 190. You can enter the seed value as a parameter.
Start Digit
When enabled, you can define the first digit of the masked SIN.
Start Digit Value
The value for the first digit of the masked SIN.


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