Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Customer 360 for Salesforce
  3. Configuring the Data Cleansing Settings
  4. Managing Batch Jobs
  5. Verifying Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  6. Synchronizing Salesforce Records with Customer 360 for Salesforce
  7. Managing Duplicate Records
  8. Consolidating Records
  9. Converting External Records to Salesforce Records
  10. Managing Hierarchies
  11. Integrating Customer 360 for Salesforce with Multidomain MDM
  12. Managing Multi-Org
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Appendix A: Custom Settings
  15. Appendix B: Glossary

Matching Segment

Matching Segment

The segment field in the master bean record contains a matching segment. The matching segment is a string of characters that
Customer 360 for Salesforce
uses to filter records before it performs fuzzy matching.
To improve fuzzy match performance,
Customer 360 for Salesforce
performs an exact match on the matching segments to eliminate records that are unlikely to match.
Customer 360 for Salesforce
then performs fuzzy matching on the remaining records.
By default,
Customer 360 for Salesforce
creates the segment using the two characters of the ISO country code followed by the characters in the company norm field. You can configure
Customer 360 for Salesforce
to use any two fields to create a matching segment.
The following graphic shows the matching segment, the company norm, and the country ISO code on the
Master Bean Detail
A Master Bean with a fuzzy segment field value of CAINFORMATICA. The company norm field value is Informatica and the country ISO code field value is CA.
  1. Matching Segment Field
  2. Company Norm Field
  3. Country ISO Code Field


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