Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Customer 360 for Salesforce
  3. Configuring the Data Cleansing Settings
  4. Managing Batch Jobs
  5. Verifying Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  6. Synchronizing Salesforce Records with Customer 360 for Salesforce
  7. Managing Duplicate Records
  8. Consolidating Records
  9. Converting External Records to Salesforce Records
  10. Managing Hierarchies
  11. Integrating Customer 360 for Salesforce with Multidomain MDM
  12. Managing Multi-Org
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Appendix A: Custom Settings
  15. Appendix B: Glossary

Running the HierarchyMigration Job in the Developer Console

Running the HierarchyMigration Job in the Developer Console

The HierarchyMigration job reestablishes the parent-child relationships between the beans based on the Salesforce account hierarchy. If you want to fix any hierarchy-related issues in the beans, you can manually run a HierarchyMigration job in the Salesforce Developer Console.
If you have hierarchy enabled for accounts, during synchronization of the records, the migrate jobs create record entries in a Staging Cache table. The HierarchyMigration job processes only the record entries available in the Staging Cache table.
The following sample code runs the HierarchyMigration batch job in the Salesforce Developer Console:
API_QueueManager qManager = new API_QueueManager ('HierarchyMigration', 'DS_HierarchyMigrateBatchClass'); Id batchJobQueueId = qManager.submitJob();


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