Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Hub Console Tools
  3. Building the Data Model
  4. Configuring the Data Flow
  5. Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  6. Configuring Application Access
  7. MDM Hub Properties
  8. Viewing Configuration Details
  9. Search with Solr
  10. Row-level Locking
  11. MDM Hub Logging
  12. Table Partitioning
  13. Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Glossary

Step 1. Implement DataEncryptor Interface

Step 1. Implement DataEncryptor Interface

You must implement the DataEncryptor interface. DataEncryptor interface defines the
and the
methods. The implementation of the encrypt and the decrypt methods must be thread-safe.
  1. Create a Java project in a Java Integrated Development Environment.
  2. Add the following MDM Hub JAR files to the Java project:
    • siperian-api.jar
    • siperian-common.jar
    The jar files are in the following directory:
    On UNIX.
    On Windows.
  3. Create a Java class for data encryption that includes the
    and the
  4. Compile the data encryption Java class.
  5. To package the class files in a custom data encryption JAR file, run the following command:
    ant build
  6. To clean up the generated files, run the following command after the build completes:
    ant clean
  7. Implement the DataEncryptor interface in the custom data encryption JAR file that you create.


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