Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Hub Console Tools
  3. Building the Data Model
  4. Configuring the Data Flow
  5. Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  6. Configuring Application Access
  7. MDM Hub Properties
  8. Viewing Configuration Details
  9. Search with Solr
  10. Row-level Locking
  11. MDM Hub Logging
  12. Table Partitioning
  13. Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Glossary



For a given entity, Informatica MDM Hub obtains data from one or more source systems, then reconciles “multiple versions of the truth” to arrive at the master record—the best version of the truth—for that entity. Reconciliation can involve cleansing the data beforehand to optimize the process of matching and consolidating records for a base object. See distribution.


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