Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Hub Console Tools
  3. Building the Data Model
  4. Configuring the Data Flow
  5. Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  6. Configuring Application Access
  7. MDM Hub Properties
  8. Viewing Configuration Details
  9. Search with Solr
  10. Row-level Locking
  11. MDM Hub Logging
  12. Table Partitioning
  13. Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Glossary

Sample Hub Server Properties File

Sample Hub Server Properties File

Hub Server
properties file is called
The following example shows the contents of a typical file:
# Installation directory cmx.home=C:/infamdm/Hub_971_DB2/server # Master database settings cmx.server.masterdatabase.type=DB2 # Server settings # Application server type: jboss, websphere or weblogic cmx.appserver.type=jboss cmx.appserver.version=7 #Should application server use ejb3 lookup (Jboss7 supports only ejb3 lookup mechanism ) cmx.server.ejb3=true # Application server hostname. Optional property to be used for deploying MDM into EJB cluster #cmx.appserver.hostname=clustername # The following port number depends on appserver type # default setting: 2809 for websphere, 1099 for jboss5, 4447 for jboss7 7001 for weblogic cmx.appserver.rmi.port=4447 # default setting: iiop for websphere, jnp for jboss5, remote for jboss7, t3 for weblogic cmx.appserver.naming.protocol=remote # default setting: 8880 for websphere only (this is not being used in jboss and weblogic cmx.appserver.soap.connector.port= # default setting: 'No' for websphere only (this is not being used in jboss and weblogic ## You can customize location of sas.client.props and ssl.client.props which are used for secured ejb lookup ## Or you can just customize file names (default values are sas.client.props and ssl.client.props) # enable JBoss EJB security support # setting for initial heap size and max heap size for java web start JVM jnlp.initial-heap-size=128m jnlp.max-heap-size=512m # DO NOT EDIT SETTINGS BELOW cmx.server.datalayer.cleanse.execution=SERVER cmx.server.datalayer.cleanse.working_files.location=C:/infamdm/Hub_971_DB2/server/logs cmx.server.datalayer.cleanse.working_files=LOCAL # SAM properties cmx.server.sam.cache.resources.refresh_interval=5 cmx.server.sam.cache.user_profile.refresh_interval=1 cmx.server.clock.tick_interval=60000 cmx.server.provider.userprofile.cacheable=true cmx.server.provider.userprofile.expiration=60000 cmx.server.provider.userprofile.lifespan=60000 # Setting for dropdown limit sip.lookup.dropdown.limit=100 # # Task settings # # Number of Hours between task notifications. 0 means that notifications are disabled. sip.task.digest.interval=0 # Number of Minutes between automated task assignments. 0 means that assignment is disabled. sip.task.assignment.interval=0 # Maximum number of tasks automatically assigned to each user sip.task.maximum.assignment=25 # # Mail server settings for task notification emails # mail.smtp.port=25 mail.smtp.auth=false # Use the following if your smtp serverrequires authentication. #mail.smtp.user= #mail.smtp.password= # interval sleeping between polling all servers in seconds, default=10, 0 will disable cmx.server.poller.monitor.interval=30 #MET properties cmx.server.met.max_send_size=9000000 # BDD traffic compression option cmx.bdd.server.traffic.compression_enabled=true # Sif property to remove duplicates from the search query results cmx.server.remove_duplicates_in_search_query_results=false # The Case Insensitive Search feature can be disabled by setting this property to false. # Locale for hub server and hub console locale=en # cookie secure flag and cookie httpOnly flag # In JBoss, both of these flags will be used. # In WebLogic, cookie-http-only flag is set to true by default, so only cookie-secure flag will be used here. # in WebLogic, setting httpOnly will have no effect. # in webSphere, these setting should be done thorugh websphere console under Session Management # in deployed siperian-mrm.ear. #cookie-secure=false #http-only=false #Property for batch job processing. The number of threads will be used to distribute blocks of a batch job to batch servers. cmx.server.batch.threads_per_job=10 #Block size for Load job. cmx.server.batch.load.block_size=250 #Block size for Recalculate and Revalidate job. cmx.server.batch.recalculate.block_size=250 #Properties for Automerge batch job (number of threads to use and block size) cmx.server.automerge.threads_per_job=1 cmx.server.automerge.block_size=250 #Properties for Active VOS BPM integration # Name of the merge operation in active vos # Name of the service for all mdm service calls to ActiveVOS #The wait time for ActiveVOS to create task for the process and return task ID activeos.workflow.startup.timeout.seconds=10 encryption.plugin.jar=C:\Temp\informatica_dataencryption.jar


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