Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Workflow Manager
  3. Workflows and Worklets
  4. Sessions
  5. Session Configuration Object
  6. Tasks
  7. Sources
  8. Targets
  9. Connection Objects
  10. Validation
  11. Scheduling and Running Workflows
  12. Sending Email
  13. Workflow Monitor
  14. Workflow Monitor Details
  15. Session and Workflow Logs
  16. Session Properties Reference
  17. Workflow Properties Reference

Transaction Environment SQL

Transaction Environment SQL

This custom SQL string also sets up the environment, but the Integration Service runs the transaction environment SQL at the beginning of each transaction.
Use SQL commands that depend on a transaction being open during the entire read or write process. For example, you might use the following statement as transaction environment SQL to modify how the session handles characters:
This command must be run before each transaction. The command is not appropriate for connection environment SQL because setting the parameter once for each connection is not sufficient.

Updated June 25, 2020