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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Edge Data Streaming
  3. Licenses
  4. Using Informatica Administrator
  5. Creating and Managing the Edge Data Streaming Service
  6. Edge Data Streaming Entity Types
  7. Edge Data Streaming Nodes
  8. Data Connections
  9. Working With Data Flows
  10. Managing the Edge Data Streaming Components
  11. Security
  12. High Availability
  13. Disaster Recovery
  14. Monitoring Edge Data Streaming Entities
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. Regular Expressions
  18. Command Line Program
  19. Configuring Edge Data Streaming to Work With a ZooKeeper Observer
  20. Glossary

User Guide

User Guide

Configuring a Secure Persistence Store

You can configure security for the persistence store when you choose the Persistence messaging mode and UM Secure connection type.
  1. Stop the persistence store (UM Store).
  2. If you use the default persistence store, navigate to the <EDS installation directory/admind/config directory. Include the following properties in the umestored.cfg file:
    context tls_certificate <path of certificate> 
    context tls_certificate_key <path of certificate key>
    context tls_certificate_key_password <password key of the certificate>
    context tls_trusted_certificates <path to trusted certificate>
    context use_tls 1
    If you use an external persistence store, add the properties in the configuration file of the persistence store.
  3. Start the persistence store.
  4. Optionally, if you use an external persistence store, add the following configuration for the UM XML Configuration property of the Ultra Messaging data connection:
    <template name="entity-user-template">
    <options type="source">
    <option name="ume_store_name" default-value="VDS230Store1"/>
    <option name="ume_store_name" default-value="VDS230Store2"/>
    <option name="ume_store_name" default-value="VDS230Store3"/>
    <options type="context">
    <options type="receiver">

Updated March 19, 2019

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