Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Edge Data Streaming
  3. Licenses
  4. Using Informatica Administrator
  5. Creating and Managing the Edge Data Streaming Service
  6. Edge Data Streaming Entity Types
  7. Edge Data Streaming Nodes
  8. Data Connections
  9. Working With Data Flows
  10. Managing the Edge Data Streaming Components
  11. Security
  12. High Availability
  13. Disaster Recovery
  14. Monitoring Edge Data Streaming Entities
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. Regular Expressions
  18. Command Line Program
  19. Configuring Edge Data Streaming to Work With a ZooKeeper Observer
  20. Glossary

User Guide

User Guide

Edge Data Streaming Architecture

A Edge Data Streaming deployment consists of EDS Nodes, Apache Zookeeper, Administrator Daemon, and Informatica Administrator. These EDS components run on multiple host machines in a distributed application environment. You can install multiple components on a host machine.
The following image shows the components of a EDS deployment:
EDS consists of the following components:
EDS Node
A EDS Node is a process that contains one or more specialized threads. The threads work together to transfer data from a source to a target. You can create multiple EDS Nodes on a host machine. Install EDS Nodes on host machines on which you want to run a source service or target service. A EDS Node can contain multiple services and transformations. Services can include source services, target services, or both types of services. EDS uses a data connection to transport data from a source service to a target service.
Apache ZooKeeper
Apache ZooKeeper is a centralized service that maintains the data flow configuration information of the EDS Nodes in a deployment. You can deploy Apache ZooKeeper as a standalone instance or, for high availability and reliability, as a cluster called a ZooKeeper ensemble. When you start a EDS Node, it fetches data flow configuration information from ZooKeeper.
Administrator Daemon
The Administrator Daemon is a process that manages the deployment and undeployment of data flows and stores information about the data flows in a database. The daemon process also aggregates information about state and statistics from EDS Nodes.
Informatica Administrator for Edge Data Streaming (the Administrator tool)
Informatica Administrator is a web application client that an administrator uses to manage the Edge Data Streaming Service and create users and user groups. The Edge Data Streaming Service is a service that you use to create, deploy, and undeploy data flows and to monitor data flow entities.
If you install the Administrator Daemon, the EDS Node, and Apache ZooKeeper on Informatica platform, you can use the Administrator tool and create and configure the Edge Data Streaming Service.

Updated March 19, 2019

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