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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Edge Data Streaming
  3. Licenses
  4. Using Informatica Administrator
  5. Creating and Managing the Edge Data Streaming Service
  6. Edge Data Streaming Entity Types
  7. Edge Data Streaming Nodes
  8. Data Connections
  9. Working With Data Flows
  10. Managing the Edge Data Streaming Components
  11. Security
  12. High Availability
  13. Disaster Recovery
  14. Monitoring Edge Data Streaming Entities
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. Regular Expressions
  18. Command Line Program
  19. Configuring Edge Data Streaming to Work With a ZooKeeper Observer
  20. Glossary

User Guide

User Guide

Managing Roles

A role is a collection of privileges that you assign to a user or group. Each user within an organization has a specific role, whether the user is a developer, administrator, basic user, or advanced user.
You assign a role to users and groups for the domain and for application services in the domain.
If you organize users into groups and then assign roles and permissions to the groups, you can simplify user administration tasks. For example, if a user changes positions within the organization, move the user to another group. If a new user joins the organization, add the user to a group. The users inherit the roles and permissions assigned to the group. You do not need to reassign privileges, roles, and permissions.
You can assign the following types of roles:
  • System-defined. Roles that you cannot edit or delete.
  • Custom. Roles that you can create, edit, and delete.
A role includes privileges for the domain or an application service type. You assign roles to users or groups for the domain or for each application service in the domain.
EDS has the following types of roles:
  • Administrator. This is a system-defined role that has privileges to administer the Administrator tool. With this role, you can create and manage user accounts, create the Edge Data Streaming Service and configure it.
  • Operator. This is a custom role that has privileges to monitor EDS deployments.
When you select a role in the Roles section of the Navigator, you can view all users and groups that have been directly assigned the role for the domain and application services. You can view the role assignments by users and groups or by services. To navigate to a user or group listed in the Assignments section, right-click the user or group and select Navigate to Item.
You can search for system-defined and custom roles.

Updated March 19, 2019

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