Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Transformations
  3. Source transformation
  4. Target transformation
  5. Aggregator transformation
  6. Cleanse transformation
  7. Data Masking transformation
  8. Data Services transformation
  9. Deduplicate transformation
  10. Expression transformation
  11. Filter transformation
  12. Hierarchy Builder transformation
  13. Hierarchy Parser transformation
  14. Hierarchy Processor transformation
  15. Input transformation
  16. Java transformation
  17. Java transformation API reference
  18. Joiner transformation
  19. Labeler transformation
  20. Lookup transformation
  21. Machine Learning transformation
  22. Mapplet transformation
  23. Normalizer transformation
  24. Output transformation
  25. Parse transformation
  26. Python transformation
  27. Rank transformation
  28. Router transformation
  29. Rule Specification transformation
  30. Sequence Generator transformation
  31. Sorter transformation
  32. SQL transformation
  33. Structure Parser transformation
  34. Transaction Control transformation
  35. Union transformation
  36. Velocity transformation
  37. Verifier transformation
  38. Web Services transformation



Disabling incoming fields

Disabling incoming fields

You can disable incoming fields to connect only the generated sequence in the output fields, NEXTVAL and CURRVAL, to one or more downstream transformations. When you disable incoming fields, you cannot connect the Sequence Generator transformation to upstream transformations.
When you disable incoming fields, at least one field from another transformation must be connected to the downstream transformation along with the Sequence Generator fields. For example, if the mapping contains a Sequence Generator transformation and a Source transformation and the Sequence Generator transformation is connected to a Target transformation, you must connect at least one field from the Source transformation to the Target transformation.
The following image shows a mapping where incoming fields are disabled in the Sequence Generator transformation:
The mapping canvas shows the Source transformation and the Sequence Generator transformation connected to the Target transformation.
You cannot disable incoming fields in advanced mode.


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MAX IICS - June 19, 2022

By default Sequence Generator is passive in nature...but If I Disable Incoming Field In sequence Generator then what is nature of Sequence generator either Active or Passive? How it will behave?

Informatica Documentation Team - June 20, 2022


We are working to resolve your query. We will get back to you shortly.

Informatica Documentation Team - June 27, 2022

Hi MAX IICS, The Sequence Generator (SG) transformation is always passive. The Disable Incoming Fields option was added to make the transformation behave the same way in elastic and non-elastic mappings. In a non-elastic mapping, you can add a SG that either does or does not contain incoming fields, but in an elastic mapping, you can only add a SG that contains incoming fields. This option was added to make it clear whether or not the SG contains incoming fields.