Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Transformations
  3. Source transformation
  4. Target transformation
  5. Access Policy transformation
  6. B2B transformation
  7. Aggregator transformation
  8. Cleanse transformation
  9. Data Masking transformation
  10. Data Services transformation
  11. Deduplicate transformation
  12. Expression transformation
  13. Filter transformation
  14. Hierarchy Builder transformation
  15. Hierarchy Parser transformation
  16. Hierarchy Processor transformation
  17. Input transformation
  18. Java transformation
  19. Java transformation API reference
  20. Joiner transformation
  21. Labeler transformation
  22. Lookup transformation
  23. Machine Learning transformation
  24. Mapplet transformation
  25. Normalizer transformation
  26. Output transformation
  27. Parse transformation
  28. Python transformation
  29. Rank transformation
  30. Router transformation
  31. Rule Specification transformation
  32. Sequence Generator transformation
  33. Sorter transformation
  34. SQL transformation
  35. Structure Parser transformation
  36. Transaction Control transformation
  37. Union transformation
  38. Velocity transformation
  39. Verifier transformation
  40. Web Services transformation



Joining incoming data

Joining incoming data

If more than one upstream transformation is connected to the Hierarchy Builder transformation, set primary and foreign keys to join the incoming data.
You can perform the following actions to set and remove keys:
  • To set a field as a key, click the
    column of the field that you want to set, and then specify the field as either a primary or foreign key. When you set a foreign key, you also select the name of the source that contains the related primary key.
  • To remove a primary or foreign key designation, click the
    column of the field and select
    Not a key
  • To clear all the keys, click the action menu at the top of the
    Hierarchy Fields
    panel, and then select
    Clear Keys


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Luke Ferris - February 06, 2024

This should state that a primary/foreign key field must be of data type bigint or string.

Informatica Documentation Team - February 06, 2024

Hi Luke Ferris,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We'll get the documentation updated for the next release.